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Book Design

Manhood: Bare Reality
Manhood: Bare Reality

We started working with photographer Laura Dodsworth in 2016 when we designed her first book Bare Reality which contains the stories of one hundred women and their relationship with their breasts. It was funded by a kick-starter campaign and prompted discussion in the media around gender, sex and body image. Laura followed this with a book focusing on the male body. We had to strike a balance between respecting philosophies on body pride and openness while being mindful that too much imagery of male genitalia might be intimating for the buyer. Our approach was to let Laura’s powerful images stand on their own with a very modernist design aesthetic using sans-serif typography and an asymmetrical layout. The trilogy of books was completed in 2019 with Womanhood which was published to coincide with a successful Channel 4 documentary.

  • ClientPinter and Martin
  • Year2019